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Alex is failing as a father. Ian keeps dangerous secrets. Jenn is pining for adventure; Mitch is pining for Jenn. Four friends just scraping by, finding comfort in each other and the hope that things will get better. But as their twenties fade in the rearview mirror, none of them are turning out to be who—or where—they hoped.

In a time when CEOs steal millions while their employees watch savings dwindle, these four are tired of the honest approach. They've decided to stop waiting and start taking.

But a supposedly victimless crime has become a bloody nightmare. People have been killed. Ruthless men pursue them. Tensions they thought long-extinguished are flaring. As their world unravels, each will have to choose between their life and the lives of others.

And for four people pushed to the ragged edge, the only thing more dangerous than the men chasing them might be their best friends.


"Introduces one of the scariest villains in recent memory...quickly becomes a nightmare, leaving readers gasping with fright and pleasure at Sakey's genius."
Chicago Tribune

"A stylish writer who excels at creating characters so real that they walk right off the page and into your life."
Associated Press

"This giant among a deep, impressive crop of Chicago crime novelists always holds one spare bullet in his arsenal."
Chicago Sun-Times

"A brilliant writer...He gets inside the heads of people and shows how one word or turn can lead away from the safe and narrow and into a full blown nightmare."
The Huffington Post

"The suspense will keep you flipping pages straight to the surprising conclusion."
Yahoo! News

"As with any Sakey novel, the mystery resides not in who done it but in the way ethical questions are finally resolved...not that readers won't also be treated to a series of heart-in-the-mouth moments that will have them frantically turning pages."
Chicago Magazine

"Fast-paced and fun and utterly believable."

"As much an examination of morality as it is a thriller. From the beginning of this astutely drawn, riveting tale, Sakey demands — and earns — the reader's attention."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"A cliffhanger to the bloody end."
The Irish Independent

"Sakey one-ups his less literary peers by bending the crime genre's rules and regulations...THE AMATEURS kept me up really late."
New City Chicago

"A roller coaster ride of epic proportions."

"Reads like an episode of Friends directed by Tarantino."
The Telegraph U.K.

"Impossible to put down...extraordinary."
Romantic Times (Top Pick)

"I'd put [Sakey] up next to Richard Price any day."

"Sakey continues to amaze...a fast paced, page-turning thrill ride. Peppered with social and political commentary, this is a book that will make you think."
Dark Scribe Magazine

"More than an excellent thriller, it is a character study, one in which Sakey expertly explores the dynamics of a group of individuals under stress...From beginning to end, THE AMATEURS will haunt you."

"[Sakey's] strongest gift as a writer is the ability to ratchet up almost unbearable tension."
Chicago Reader

"Marcus Sakey is exactly the electric jolt American crime fiction needs."
Dennis Lehane, bestselling author of MYSTIC RIVER and THE GIVEN DAY

"Complex and realistic...both his most ambitious and most intimate work."
Book Spot

Armed Forces Network

"Sakey keeps getting bigger...you're right to expect a lot."
Library Journal

"Vivid prose, lively dialogue and gripping scenes of action and suspense."
The Washington Post

"Marcus Sakey is one of the rising stars in the crime fiction genre, and THE AMATEURS is his best one yet."
Providence Journal

"Written with the kinda tension a tightrope walker must suffer as the balancing bar falls to the ground...Sakey's a high stylist of immense talents."
The Lead Miami Beach

"A killer of a writer...while criminals, killers and large amounts of cash lurk in every corner, the crux of his stories is about making choices."
Birmingham Eccentric

"I could not put this book down."
Midwest Book Reviews

"Sakey just keeps getting better...the writing is terrific, and the novel is highly recommended."
Spinetingler Magazine

"The new kid who's blowing the roof off the genre. Sakey's thrillers feature crackling dialog, relentless pacing and characters as real as your neighbors."
Madison County Herald

"Sakey is a gifted storyteller."
Sacramento Book Review

"I gulped the whole thing down in one five-hour session...one of the year's best."
The Hungry Detective

"Few authors have the same keen sense of pacing...Sakey delivers another winner."
Word Nerd

"A nightmare...full of danger and thrilling moments with no hint as to the final outcome."
Armchair Interviews

"You have to trust me...This is a must-read."
Book Blips

"Marcus Sakey is a prodigious talent."
Laura Lippman, bestselling author of WHAT THE DEAD KNOW